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Jan. 4th, 2008

You Betcha

For tenwordstories

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Nov. 23rd, 2007


For sixwordstories

Believing in God? Always seemed impossible.

For tenwordstories

Maybe this is what I've needed all along. Prayer. Faith.

Nov. 6th, 2007


For tenwordstories

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Nov. 5th, 2007


RP for 2xthefun

Continued from this post.

"Really?" Christian brings himself closer to her, the bones of their hips rubbing up against one another underneath the thinness of their clothes. The feeling of her warmth against the rising bulge between his legs is intoxicating. But he doesn't allow himself to cave in. Not yet. "Must be my lucky day," he mumbles as he brings his lips to her neck. His other hand cups her other ass cheek, enabling him to drive her even closer to his cloaked member. Between the nibbles and the kisses, he manages to play enough with her shirt to peel it away from her skin. He pulls back slightly to get a look at her body. It's even more immaculate than he could have imagined.

Normally, Christian could make mental notes of what he would improve on a woman's body, especially during foreplay. But he was having trouble with Kyrie. There was absolutely nothing wrong, and Christian's breath was sucked out of him as he realized it.

He blinks away the thoughts and begins to fumble with her pants. The feeling of her breasts against his broad chest are enough to drive him crazy. They aren't too big, aren't too small. Like the flesh of her ass: just right. He practically rips the pants away from her hips, letting them slink to the floor. He continues his rhythm of licks, nibbles, and kisses on the bare skin of her neck and shoulders, the feeling of it like silk against his lips. It's overwhelming. He can't stop.

Nov. 4th, 2007


For sixwordstories

Rich. Handsome. Amazing Lover. Lonely. Broken. Hesitant to trust. Any takers?

For tenwordstories

As long as people self-loathe, I will stay in business.

Keep it up. Keep hating yourself. Keep wishing to change. I can make it happen.

Introductions at tm_green_room

As Christian Troy enters the room, he peels his aviators away from his face and allow his aqua eyes to peruse the room. His intentions are unclear, though it's somewhat obvious that they are not of the noble sort. He slips the sunglasses into the breast pocket of his gray suit jacket, brushing himself off. His clothes are impeccable. His grooming is stellar. One has to wonder how much time he really spent making sure his hair looked "carelessly toussled."

He snaps the back of his suit against his shoulder blades, cracking his neck twice, once on each side.

Christian exudes confidence; perhaps a bit too much for anyone's good. Flashing a line up of perfect, white teeth, he gives another glance around the room.

"Dr. Christian Troy." He shows off another pearly smile. "You might have heard of me. I was one half of McNamara/Troy in Miami. We were the Kings of Plastic Surgery." He flicks off an invisible-to-the-naked-eye piece of lint from the shoulder of his suit, then brings his gaze back to you. "So, tell me," he once again begins, pausing for a brief moment. "Tell me what you don't like about yourself."

OOC: Christian Troy is from FX's Nip/Tuck. He's friendly (especially if you're a woman) and a bit of a huge asshole. But he's open for RP and any sort of interaction!